Thursday, September 29, 2016

Random Ramblings from an Innkeeeper: Get Lucky

I got lucky in more ways than one. Stop that you people, you know who you are. I entered a contest and won two tickets to see a play at Mill Mountain Theatre and because I was so lucky I opted to Eat at Lucky
LUCKY is on Kirk Ave in Downtown Roanoke

You can walk to the Market Square from Kirk Ave for music and more, plus two doors down is The Spot on Kirk with live music, and the birth-mother of the Harvester Performance Center (click image for better view)
LUCKY is the place where my older and younger sister and I went when they came to Virginia for a visit, and our one and only time out together, ever. it was fab then and was fab again last night.
Roasted  Rappahannock Oysters 
One sister lives in Ireland and the other North of Seattle. I have been trying to take the Outside Innkeeper, Tony to LUCKY for yonks and finally was able to.
The Lucky menu is locally sourced and small, as is the restaurant itself, but its main focus would have to be on the mixology that goes on there. 

Photo by Innkeeper Shellie of My Radio at the Harvester Performance Center
If you knew the background on LUCKY which is one street over from Luck Ave (I secretly wondered if they planned on opening there first?) You would know it was created by two band members of MY RADIO

My Radio is often chosen at our Harvester Performance Center to open up for the really well known 80's and 90's acts like when Psychedelic Furs played. I have to confess, with all the hoopla about the Furs, I liked My Radio even better:

Listen to them above
So we Ate at Lucky. Service was top notch, atmosphere was top notch and food quality, flavor, ingredients, top notch.

Directions from The Claiborne House to Lucky below:

Monday, September 26, 2016

Weird Workings of an Innkeeper: Waffle French Toast

Different breads require different amounts of french toast egg mixture. But what if you don't have thirsty bread and have left over French toast eggy mix? Here is an idea from The Claiborne House B&B:

Waffle French Toast

If you make your French toast using any regular store-bought bread you can slice them up like above, and/or freeze them to enjoy later. Pop them in the toaster when ready to crisp them up as needed.

The breakfast of champions, left-overs because everybody loves leftovers.

*Egg mixture consists of eggs, milk and vanilla.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

We say goodbye to a favorite guest

Today is a very hard day, the one thing none of us is immune to is heartache. We found out that one of our favorite guests, yes we have favorites, went to be with Jesus last night. I can say that assuredly. Bill was one of the few guests who was like family. We hugged when we saw him and hugged when he left.
He always arrived early and we would sit down and have a cup of coffee together and some sort of sweet (I probably always ruined his dinner later). He called Franklin County home although he had been gone a good long time, but he would visit often where his roots were.

Bill always made many trips into the Claiborne House hauling in his small black suitcase and his guitar case. Keeping the guitar inside out of the heat or cold of his car with the NASA specialty license plate, from what I recall it said "Caliop" I will confirm with Tony, he will remember. He was the lead research scientist on the satellite that was his big project called the CALIPSO satellite (Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observation) spacecraft. When we talked "rocket science" I believe he told me he was just an engineer, or an atmospheritician. (sp?)

These mountains would always beckon him home, and he would sit in on the various Appalachian wing dings, a few of those his favorite. One day he proudly gave us a CD they produced of his contra-dance/folk-music band ORION. Whenever Bill was at the table, I was sure to play ORION for our guests as background music at breakfast, this used to make him blush. He was proud of the music they played while entertaining hundreds, as they danced, they laughed and enjoyed themselves.

Not only did he play for dancers and toe tappers out there, but he also played here, on the Claiborne House porch. When the girls were younger and learning the fiddle he spent time trying to teach them the ropes on a traditional tune or two. I think he eventually threw his pick off the porch into the bushes in surrender.

I was so pleased to meet his delightful wife Linda on a few occasions, but not every visit as she also works for NASA and when she was out of the country for work, or singing in her barbershop group, Bill would come down and spent a spell in ol' Rocky Mount. His son Tom came along last year to travel all Bill's favorite Crooked Road stomps like Floyd Country Store Americana Afternoons, Blue Ridge Music Center, and more. Bill had it all planned out and was so pleased that his son took an interest in seeing this mountain culture that he so loved.

During the Franklin County Court Days this past June Bill brought the whole ORION band to downtown Rocky Mount where they jammed in front of his niece's store J&J Fashion. It was a hot hot day and Bill said they would play until the shade was gone from the storefront.

What else can I say? We have a whole house and new rooms checking in, I am baking up a storm for tomorrow's brunch and have to pause at times to recall something funny Bill said. We loved Bill, he and I went to the Harvester Performance Center together a few times. Walking down to the Harvester he pointed out the building on our corner which used to be a furniture plant where his father worked.

He knew my family, he cared about my family. He followed this blog, and said it was the only place he could ever find out what was going on in Rocky Mount.

We will miss you Mr Bill Hunt, you meant the world. no wait YOU MEANT THE GALAXY TO US!

Shellie and Tony Leete, your innkeepers and family at The Claiborne House B&B

*pls ignore typos, hard to type through tears.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Franklin County Weddings

Claiborne House B&B has created a page for your reference called
click image for better view
We often receive calls and innquiries about larger wedding venues, so we figured a page devoted to that would be helpful. These are wedding venues that we recommend in our Franklin County Virginia.

Here is our list with links
  1. Tripple Creek Wedding and Event Venue - Country setting with red barn 4 miles from Rocky Mount
  2. Sundara - Premiere big wedding venue in Boones Mill
  3. Wisteria Ridge - On acreage with views of the Blue Ridge in Callaway
  4. Phoebe Needles Center - Very scenic Blue Ridge Mountain historic school
  5. The Katherine Grace Manor - Historic homestead in Wirtz
  6. Water's Edge Country Club - A waterfront country club in Penhook, near Smith Mountain Lake
  7. Bernard's Landing - A waterfront resort in Moneta, near Smith Mountain Lake
  8. W.E. Skelton 4H Conference Center - A waterfront retreat center at Smith Mountain Lake
  9. Early Inn at the Grove - Oasis in downtown Rocky Mount
  10. Claiborne House B&B - Small intimate elopements in the heart of Rocky Mount

Romantic elopements in Virginia just $599 til November in Rocky Mount VA. More information here at The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast of Rocky Mount Virginia.


*All information above was correct at the time of posting. Not responsible for closings or bad URL's after today.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Random Ramblings from an innkeeper: a star is born

Today many years ago in a land far far away a baby was born, prematurely. His name was Anthony David and he was welcomed into the world kicking and screaming (or was that his Mum?)
If there is one thing that happens in this Leete marriage, is that birthdays are celebrated by an activity for Tony. 

Over the years he has done all sorts of things for the first time, and this year will be no exception, unless a hurricane blows in from the South. If that happens, I will update this blog with a photo. Hint: It happens where Orville and Wilbur made their first flight.