Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Get some of this!

Y'all think I am kidding don't you...

Walk to shows weekly here in the Town of Rocky Mount, Va at this award winning music venue, Harvester Performance Center.

Buy this mansion as a private home or business, our MLS is here. Yeah that's me and Bud. Upcoming shows here. After 13 years we are giving this to someone who will love it as much as we have.

We had a special package for this show and had guests (a group of Aussies from all over) with primo seating thanks to the venue.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pinball and Poolhall Retro Romantic Getaway Package

Photo credit: Roanoke Pinball Museum
Photo credit: Roanoke Pinball Museum

No Quarters Required: Have Gobs of Fun Exploring Nearby Downtown Roanoke (an easy 30 minute drive) with this Pinball and Dinner Getaway Package

Pinball Package is just $34.50 per person in addition your room rate and available year-round (Friday or Saturday) includes:

  • Pinball Museum Roanoke (has 45+ Working Vintage Pinball Machines) Tickets for 2 Unlimited Fun All Day
  • $25.00 Gift Certificate for Lunch or Dinner at a Popular Bar and Grill/Poolhall that has also has rooftop dining, Great Food and BILLIARD TABLES (just around the corner from the Pinball Museum).
  • Bright Colorful Bouquet of Fresh Flowers in Your Room Upon Arrival

This package is all about

“Pinball Wizard” is a song written by Pete Townshend and performed by the English rock band The Who, and featured on their 1969 rock opera album Tommy. The original recording was released as a single in 1969 and reached No. 4 in the UK charts and No. 19 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. For this reason we priced the package at $69 total. Which broken down happens to be the exact $ total of the items in the package. Way cool man!
Captain Fantastic was inspired by the movie ‘Tommy’ and includes a representation of Elton John. Elton John had Bally send a game to his various residences and one to his “mum” in the UK.
Select this fun getaway package online here after selecting your room choice, package must be booked double occupancy (for 2 guests) must stay overnight at regular room rate to add on this special package.
Learn more about our guest rooms here. This is a prepaid package so we can purchase in advance. No refunds, cancellations or changes. Your credit card will be charged when you choose this option online (available year-round).


Pinball Museum Hours:
Friday: 11 am – 8 pm
Saturday 10 am – 8 pm
Location: One Market Square, 2nd floor Downtown Roanoke, inside Center in the Square building (Google map here)
Corned Beef and Co. Hours:
Lunch 11am – 4pm
Dinner 4pm – 10pm (Friday and Saturday 4pm-11pm)
Location: 107 S Jefferson St, Downtown Roanoke (Google map here)

Gobble Hole: Getting your ball in the gobble hole will end the game but also give you bonus points which is okay because with this package, no quarters required, you can play on…all day.

For walking directions from Pinball Museum to Corned Beef & Co as pictured below click here

Friday, December 9, 2016

Who HAS already played Harvester in Rocky Mount Va?

I have a hard time explaining to our guests if you see someone who looks famous walking around town, it just might be them. A town of 5000 people? In the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains? YES. THAT'S US.
Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters* 

Billy Bob Thornton* (photos by my good friend *Jean Skipper*)

Here is your innkeeper with Bud right after the show, the Harvester is indeed intimate. Many of the artists hang with the fans afterward. 

Second image is Assistant Manager Sheila Silverstein of the Harvester showing Bud around town, here they are at the county administration office. Yes they went inside to hey y'all. Billy Bob Thornton is also from a small town, in Arkansas and loved Rocky Mount, said it felt like home.


A couple blocks walk from The Claiborne House B&B is the newish Harvester Performance Center. It opened 2 years ago, and I want to share some of the great shows you probably missed:
Click this image to get a better view
Click this image to get a better view
same drill for this one
Do you still think I am kidding?
Yes that is Gregg Allman
There are 62 more rows x 6 shows I didn't share here = 372 performances, but you get the idea now, right?
But the good news is that there are dozens+ more great shows coming up, you can find out about them right here

Three honest reasons we recommend you stay with us at The Claiborne House B&B when you visit Rocky Mount: 
  1. we could use the money
  2. we're nice
  3. we endorse responsible drinking
You can BYOB and kick back on the porch, gardens or under the pergola that Outside Innkeeper Tony built this year at The Claiborne House and then walk to a show if ya want to, we do.

For every guest who tells us "Big deal, we have shows near us." Did you have Gregg Allmann in a room of 450? Or Merle Haggard?