Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mountain Road Wine Experience

Cooler by several degrees...
Adventure awaits around every bend. Sample fine wine, cider and mead at seven locations all near the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our tasting rooms and mountain air are infinitely cooler than the lowlands.
Check each location's website for special events all year. You'll find local music, chef events, special dinners and much more. All worth a widing drive to our beautiful corner of the universe.

A not too long drive from Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, Charlotte and Central Virginia. See directions on our websites:

All of these are about an hour from The Claiborne House B&B! Bring your mountain adventure and enjoy this Mountain Road Wine Experience.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Get Lucky: Dinner, Show and Overnight Package June 23

Get Lucky: Dinner, Show and Overnight Package for the Lee Roy Parnell Show Tuesday June 23, 2015 at The Harvester Performance Center.

This special one night only package to honor this fabulous show here at The Harvester Performance Center featuring the soothing country sounds of love without mercy by Lee Roy Parnell

Cost is $260 per couple/room (and includes all taxes)
CALL TO RESERVE THIS PACKAGE (540) 483-4616 as it cannot be booked online. SPECIAL PACKAGE - SPACE IS LIMITED!

Get Lucky Package Includes:
  1. One night stay at The Claiborne House B&B (any available room)
  2. "Burgers & Beverages" pre-show dinner at 5:30PM
  3. Lee Roy Parnell - Tickets for two - show is 7:30PM
  4. Lucky Charms for breakfast - just kidding - a full hot delicious breakfast and great coffee (The second B is important to us at The Claiborne House B&B and we have plenty of experience making it!) 
Call to reserve this package (540) 483-4616

Fine print: Package must be prepaid so we can purchase the show tickets for you, tickets are general seating, not gold section seats, by credit card and is non-refundable. Not combined with other discounts or packages. Package price includes all applicable taxes. Price is for any available room (of your choice). No other rooms are available this night, only via the Get Lucky Package. No price reduction for opting out of any portion of the package, or for one guest. You get to see Lee Roy Parnell at the show, not at the B&B.

We all get lucky sometime!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Random Ramblings from an Innkeeper: The hard pill to swallow

"There are no winners or losers" was the statement I heard that made me cringe this week. 

Photos above of my sister and bro-in-law's close Ironworker friend Jimmy from Ireland on the top of Freedom Tower in NYC. These are meaningful in many ways to us, from losing a friend in the Twin Towers to our Dad being a retired Structural Steel Ironworker - building America. At 1,776 feet tall, One World Trade Center  is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. 

In the essence of trying to make everyone feel good in our society today we have stripped ourselves of our goals and ambition, and even our victories. 

Tony and I watched a PBS program on American Inventor Thomas Edison. That man really made some not-so-great choices and was off chasing rabbit trails during years of his life, but do you think about those non winning choices when you read the name Thomas Edison? I doubt it. Did you know he held over 1000 patents?

Surprisingly, little "Al" Edison, who was the last of seven children in his family, did not learn to talk until he was almost four years of age. Immediately thereafter, he began pleading with every adult he met to explain the workings of just about everything he encountered. If they said they didn't know, he would look them straight in the eye with his deeply set and vibrant blue-green eyes and ask them "Why?"

"Thomas Edison Tested Over 3000 Filaments Before He Came Up With His Version of a Practical Light Bulb. As Shocking As It May Seem, This Was Not His Greatest Invention."

I never even knew about his non-glory until I watched the program on PBS, I only really heard about the light enhancing victories of Thomas Edison. I never really thought about his other inventions. although I certainly do know about them, and live with them in my daily life.

"Be courageous! Whatever setbacks America  has encountered, it has always emerged as a stronger and more prosperous nation....
Be brave as your fathers before you. Have faith and go forward."  -Thomas Alva Edison    

Teaching our children there are no winners or losers, or the watered down version "We're all winners" is a lie. Stop lying to your kids teachers, parents, grandparents, media. Stop robbing them of the agony of defeat that prompts them on to success.

There are winners
History has shown the American ingenuity has made us winners. We are inventors, we are world changers, we are always trying to see what is beyond the next hill, past the next star and so on. Don't strip us of our victories!

Here are a few more American Inventors you may recognize:
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • John Moses Browning
  • Willis Carrier
  • Samuel Colt
  • Henry Ford
  • Robert Fulton
  • Charles Goodyear
  • Cyrus McCormick
  • Samuel F.B. Morse
  • Dr. Jonas Salk
  • Eli Whitney
  • Orville & Wilbur Wright
I understand that any job done well is a victory. I am not belittling the average working class person, of which I am one. I am saying let our future reach for the stars. Tell them anything is possible if they work hard enough and never stop giving it their all. Let them stretch the limits of what they think are their capabilities. Let them fail, let them lose, let them push on toward winning!

Don't let them say "I coulda" tell them they can. Not that they will win just by "trying" but they can win. I love this famous quote from 1954 On the Waterfront:

"You don't understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it."

So what do ya say? Winning is important, it does mean something, just take Terry's word for it above. 

When the girls were little they were on a co-ed basketball team. At the end of the season they were given a small trophy with their name on it. We were incredulous, and thought "Why would a child who stood there and never once chased the ball or her opponent get a trophy?" 

The parents needed a trophy for driving them to and fro each week, cheering them on, encourage them go for the dang ball just once. But then, that is our job, as parents of course. We need no trophies for that. 

There was a kid who raced all over that basketball court, he jumped at kids a foot taller than he, scrambled, dribbled and even made a few baskets! Maybe he alone should have had the trophy for MVP or something?  Should you get a trophy for not even trying? Should you get a trophy just because you tried? 

There are winners and losers in this life. We should never falsify or dilute the fact that we play to win.

Yes, there are winners. Here is one of my favorite examples below:


Honeymooners Hike McAfee's Knob

They set out after a delicious and hearty breakfast here at The Claiborne House B&B with picnic in hand to hike McAfee's Knob. Married just one week ago, they were eager to hike this Appalachian Trail's most photographed spot!

The goal was to hike to 8 miles and take some photos of one of the best views in Virginia (and possibly with the Claiborne House B&B picnic basket).

Aren't they cute!

If you want to hike McAfee's Knob, we recommend you click here to RoanokeOutside.com and see where and how to do it!

Learn more about the Claiborne House B&B picnic package here.