Sunday, November 29, 2009

Free the Gnomes - Stop Oppressive Gardening

(Sept 2010 Update from your innkeeper on behalf of the fight to free the gnomes...she has officially set free a gnome held captive in a salvage store in Roanoke and will hold a contest to gname this gnome who will live of his own free will on the porch of The Claiborne House B&B.  Update: He was freed and here he is on the left, Frankel Fitzpatrick Claiborne.)  

The Official site in Support of Garden Gnome Liberation

The Situation

Thousands of Gnomes are enslaved in Gardens across America. For too long we have let our neighbors usurp the rights of these gentle woodland creatures. Visit our Newsroom for more information.

Calls to Action Report Neighborhood


Join our boycott. Organize a picket demonstration. Write to Congress. Free a Gnome. We'll show you how.
Have you seen a Gnome in captivity? Report it here. This information will be made available to the Garden Gnome Liberation Front, the Local, Federal, and International authorities, the appropriate amnesty organizations and will be transmitted into space via a powerful, world-class radio astronomy dish.
You can support this cause buy buying "Stop Oppressive Gardening" merchandise here.
If you are a defender of freedom and liberty - you may request a campus club starter kit to help FREE GNOMES everywhere.
More information from Free The Gnomes:
Do you endorse "theft" and "tresspassing" to liberate enslaved Garden Gonmes. We wish that Garden Gnome slavery did not exist. We understand why some would support all means necessary to stop it. Our preference is for peacful negotiation with the Gnome Slave Owner and political pressure on the Government, Corporations and other power brokers of the world.

Here at The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast we are diametrically opposed to all Gnome Oppression - we are happy to report we have one happily freed gnome living in the B&B foyer. He was a rescue gnome from Columbus Georgia. His origins were some unknown factory in China.
Shellie @ The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast in Rocky Mount Virginia Visit our website here.