Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Meet Junie B Jones - Assistant Innkeeper and Brewster the Cat

Much debate goes on amongst Innkeepers whether or not to post info about our beloved pet(s) on our websites, whether to leave it all off for the non-pet-friendly crowd, or just have a small blurb about them for those who may have allergies.

Without actually novelizing the website, I decided to use this medium to share a little bit about our two family pets. We love them, they are a part of our family.

Meet Brewster - longevity, spunk and attitude wrapped in a stripey ball of fur. Brewster is a worshipper of Tony, the ground he walks on, pillows he sleeps on, his truck pulling into the parking area, anything Tony - she loves and adores. So for that - don't expect to meet her or even see her. She keeps to herself until her King arrives home from work. She is the eldest of the kids here and just turned 16 (which apparently is equivalent to 74 years).

Meet Junie B Jones - Assistant Innkeeper.

We were told when we collected Junie from Jack Russells of South Carolina (a very reputable breeder) that she is a dog who does well with a job to do. So for that, she walks to the corner to post letters, chases those rascally squirrels out of our yard and greets guests on the sly, she has a super disposition, never pushy or hyper. She is not a barker, she is not a “horrible dog” as some guests assume when they hear those two words together “Jack” and “Russell” she is a sweet, smooth coat, short legged Irish Jack.

Neither pets go into the guest areas, but Junie does do her patrol around the grounds each day. The girls have dressed her up in all sorts of outfits and she just loves the attention. Here is the trick to winning her over – FEED HER. Like most dogs, all she cares about is food. Second trick - WALK HER. She is more than willing to show YOU our guest the ropes of Rocky Mount. The many hills on which this town and county seat is built! If you are interested, if you are missing your pup at home and need an interim snuggle - Junie is interested - just ask her and you will find out!

These are the pets of The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast.

Any cats you find outside you can take home with ya!


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