Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Family Style Cookin' at The Pine Tavern

We live in the mountains. No matter what you have out west, these hills here are still called mountains. In these mountains there is a traditional Blue Ridge Mountain Cuisine. Our guests WANT THIS FOOD! THEY CRAVE THIS FOOD! THEY THINK IT SHOULD BE SOLD ON EVERY STREET CORNER IN BLUE RIDGE COUNTRY! it ain't.

Do you know what mountain folks say about this southern mountain cuisine that our guests so desire? They say "Why we make that at home, why would we go out and pay for that!?" Therein lies the answer to the old age question. The other answer I often get from mountain folk - my neighbors here "Why Sundays we eat fried chicken at Mama's!" therein lies another answer. Sundays are spent with yer Mama! That's why they call it Sunday Chicken!

Now if you happen to find y'self without yer Mama for whatever reason and in our neck of the woods...I have a solution.

There is no place that embodies Blue Ridge Mountain cuisine better than The Pine Tavern in Floyd. Floyd is the one stop-light town that is due West about 30 miles (50 minutes drive) from The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast in Rocky Mount. Floyd is most famous for its Friday Night Jamboree at the Floyd Country Store.

We often get flatlanders who wish to eat at their destination and travel no further than the car to the restaurant on the corner and back again. In fact, I mean they drive to the corner to the restaurant that is just 3 doors up and back again after being in their cars for hours on the road. (I sure hope our mattresses and hot showers can perform miracles after all that). This is certainly A-OK, whatever floats your boat.

But we do have another breed of guest who longs for country cookin'. They long for fried chicken, pinto beans and hot buttermilk biscuits. If they hear the word "COBBLER" they get all weak in the knees and begin to drool. To these guests I say "You will have to drive." Now given you are on a road trip, or hitting "the blue highways" you should leap at this chance! Right? This is your opportunity to take in some Franklin County scenery - which in my humble opinion, is of course, God's country.

The roads I will send you are where the GPS say "Goodnight John Boy" and pulls the covers up over their head. One is the infamous Shooting Creek Road. (Ask Shellie your Innkeeper why this road is famous and from where it derived its name) From Route 40 (end of our street aka Franklin St to some GPS units) you will head out toward Ferrum along The Crooked Road: Virginia's Heritage Music Trail - follow those signs with the big banjo on them. See the Google map below for accurate turn by turn directions. 611 Floyd Hwy N.(Rt. 221 N.) Floyd, Virginia 24091

"Family Style" Means
  • You share food as you would in your own home.
  • Meats are served on platters and vegetables in bowls.
  • All vegetables on the menu are included.
  • Extra servings of meats and vegetables are included, if so desired.
  • You don't share with the non-family style folks!
Family Style Meats
Fried Chicken · Country Ham · Roast Beef
All meals come with Fried Chicken and one other meat for $11; get all three for $12 per person.
Family Style Sides
Real Mashed Potatoes · Dumplings · Green Beans · Pinto Beans · Cole Slaw or Salad · Extra Vegetable or Fruit of the Day · Buttermilk Biscuits (Additional side dish $2 each with non-family style meals)

Family Style Desserts
Homemaqde Fruit or Chocolate Cobbler
Tea · Lemonade · Pepsi · Diet Pepsi · Root Beer · Dr. Pepper · Mountain Dew · Ginger Ale · Sierra Mist · ($1.75 each with non-family style meals.)

Any and all of the above items and refills are included with the Family Style meal! We will be happy to box up original order leftovers; an additional charge will be added for refills taken home.

611 Floyd Hwy N.(Rt. 221 N.) Floyd, Virginia 24091 Phone: 540-745-4482 email:
Directions - From the Blue Ridge Parkway, take the exit for Floyd at Milepost 165.2. This becomes Route 8. In the town of Floyd, turn right at the stop light, onto Route 221 North. The Pine Tavern is 1 1/2 miles, on the left.
Thurs: 4:30-9:00
Fri. & Sat.: 4:30-9:00
Sun.: 11:00 am-8:00 pm
Hallelujah a restaurant open on a Sunday for our guests!

Click on the google map to see directions to The Pine Tavern from The Claiborne House B&B.

View Larger Map ...okay so the map says 1 hour, this is NASCAR COUNTRY - Remember Shooting Creek Road? You oughta get there in right under an hour, I say 50 minutes.


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