Saturday, March 6, 2010

Don't Quell Your Inner Rebel

Don't Quell Your Inner Rebel

Many guests think that B&B's are sleepy granny lodging choices where you have to tip-toe around after 7pm lest Granny wakes up and lays into ya!  Well have I got news for you... 
Sure, we appreciate guests who respect other's privacy and maintain a certain level of decency - ie, not running around in boxer shorts and letting it all hang out, sort of thing.  But by all means - enjoy your stay - please don't tip toe, sneak in after a show or feel that guest areas close down at 9pm.
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Just as a reminder - The Claiborne House has a 130 foot wrap-around porch with plenty of Southern exposure - it is there for the guests enjoyment.  Our property down below near the street is lined with large Maple trees to provide shade and privacy.  The porch is adorned with  hanging ferns, rocking chairs, wicker furniture and even a little cafe set with table.  Share a bottle of wine with your sweetie while listening to the cicadas ramp up in summer and the fireflies courting their mates with their tails all aglow!

We have a guest parlor with books, sofa and chairs a large games cupboard with puzzles, board games and even Battleship!  The dining room has complimentary snacks,  guest fridge stocked with sodas, cocoa, tea, cider, bottled Shenandoah distilled water just for the guests.  

Sure this B&B is a terrific place to sit by the pond in the warm sunshine with a good book - but on the other hand - Don't quell your inner rebel - this getaway is for you!  We are here in the background should you need anything - but we will stay out of the picture as much as possible - it is not about us!  

You can sit at home and watch TV and balance your checkbook almost any night of the week.  Get out and live a little - fresh mountain air - swimming in our lakes (did I mention they are 84 degrees in July? No Sharks), hiking, biking, picnicking - this is what it is all about.  Explore these Blue Ridge Mountains - tap your toes to some fiddlin' bluegrass, dance a jig.  See our sites of interest page for ideas - see the side bar of this blog for even more. 

Anything we can do to enhance your stay, just let us know.  How about a midnight trail ride?A dinner cruise on Smith Mountain Lake on a paddle boat?  A Hot Air Balloon ride at sunset? Meanwhile, don't quell your inner rebel - do what you want to do when you want to do it.  

I wrote this article after reading about bus excursions/tours and being locked into a hold with a bunch of strangers and having every activity scheduled for you down to when and where you can grab a cup of coffee!

Life is too short for bad coffee... Shellie @ The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast in Rocky Mount Virginia