Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Only Constant in these Blue Ridge Mountains is Change

I wanted to send out a personal invite to anyone interested in our Photography weekend April 23-25th.  I have recently picked up a book titled "It happened in Yosemite National Park: Remarkable events that shaped history" and was reminded that true indeed is the statement:

The Only Constant in Nature is Change
(click any of Fred First's Images for a larger view)
The breathtaking vistas that we stand against today and feel that uttering mere words would be an injustice will not be the same vistas that others see tomorrow.  By taking photographs of what you see, you are preserving them for future generations as they were today.  Tomorrow will not be the same.

Not everyone that gazes out over these Blue Ridge Mountains envisions them as eternal, some take to task the conservation and preservation efforts to try to keep what we see as constant.  The beauty of each sunrise and sunset from these mountains is spectacular.  Just as legend states the Inuit have so many words for snow or ice - here you can see and feel the many moods of these Blue Ridge Mountains, from the gentle haze lifting after a light drizzle to the blue hues that are the multipliers on the horizon.  This is when you can feel nothing stays the same, that the only constant is change.
One thing is for certain, as we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of The Blue Ridge Parkway - we want to make sure that cameras are in hand and the most delicate details of the smallest trillium are "captured" yet allowed to continue free.

There is nothing static about these mountains, it is God's creation given as a gift to each one of us.  Let's get out there and enjoy!

Read more about The Claiborne House Photography Weekend "More than a Road" on the Blue Ridge Parkway with Appalachian Naturalist/Author and Photographer Fred First Here.  Read more and see some of Fred's photos here on his blog Fragments from Floyd.


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