Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Putting Bed & Breakfast Rumors to Bed

  1. Do I have to share a bath at a Bed and Breakfast?   94% of B&B's have private baths.  All of our baths at The Claiborne House are private.  We have one room with a detached bath (which means it is outside the room in the hall - but it is not shared.  We have a good price-point on that room for those who don't mind stepping out of the room to use the loo.
  2. Do they have televisions at a Bed and Breakfast?  We have cable TV's in all of our rooms.
  3. Are Bed and Breakfasts filled with doilies and stuffed bunnies? Since this Inn is not run by granny's we steer clear of doilies and stuffed bunnies.  Although Shellie will use doilies from time to time, and she asks "What did a doily ever do to you?  End All Doily Discrimination!"  Oh and there is a live cottontail bunny outside that Junie B Jones Asst Innkeeper loves to chase.
  4. Do I have to eat at a communal dining table at a B&B? We do have one large dining table, but take your plate out onto the porch or have breakfast delivered to your room! We don't mind, really we don't!
  5. Is there a curfew at a B&B? We have an access key pad on the front door. At check in you will get the code and come and go as you please, please.
  6. Are the owners always watching me at a B&B? Not us, we have better things to do, like eat, sleep, cook, clean, laundry, cook, clean and laundry some more! Historic homes, large homes = mucho mucho maintenance and upkeep.
  7. Do I need to sneak around at a B&B to have privacy? All rooms are private - the owners quarters are downstairs, the guests are upstairs - we respect your privacy and space, after all this is a romantic getaway.
  8. Is there WIFI at a B&B? But of course, you can even use it in the cottage or on the porch! Remember Tony (the outside innkeeper is also an I.T. dude) 93% of B&B offer free WIFI.
  9. Is there anything to drink at a B&B? We have complimentary sodas, chilled water, cocoa, tea,  cider available 24/7.  BYO if you would like something stronger. we'll provide the glasses.
  10. Aren't B&B's more expensive than hotels? Our rates start at $110 to $145 and we always offer specials. We have a Buy Two Nights Get the Third Free floating around out there right now. No cookie cutter hotel rooms with stale continentals and smoking stinkin' disinfectant rooms.
  11. Will I get a continental breakfast at a B&B? No way no how! A full hot breakfast is served daily here. No pop tarts allowed! (Hey that would make a good innkeeper tshirt!)
  12. Are all the beds double size beds at a B&B? Beds are all sizes.  We have king rooms and queens
  13. Are all innkeepers grannies? Nope, not yet anyway.  We have two school aged kids, one cat and one dog.  We like to kayak and hike and camp, we are not your average innkeepers. 
  14. Do I have to listen to classical music at a B&B? Not at The Claiborne House. It is banned.  Just kidding! We have an iPod with playlists from toe tappin' Bluegrass to Funk.
  15. Can I find a Starbucks since B&B coffee is not that good?  We serve only the best! Dark Sumatra.  We have a couple coffee shops in town - but they are not open all the time, one is Edible Vibe at the end of our street for a good cuppa!
  16. Do I have to call to make a booking? Are you kidding? Book online and save at least $10. See the rooms and book directly from our website - confirmed right here and right now.
Some of the questions and subject idea are courtesy of BnBfinder.com's article "BnBFinder.com Separates Inn-credible Fact from Fiction"  read the article here.

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