Saturday, March 19, 2011

How About Some Quick Facts

QUICK FACTS about The Claiborne House and Our Area
  1. We are Open Year Round (except when we're closed...I mean, on vacation.)
  2. We are 15 miles from The Blue Ridge Parkway, 19 miles to Roanoke VA.
  3. Our County - Franklin County extends up onto the Blue Ridge Parkway and also covers half of Smith Mountain Lake - We have farmland for dairy and tobacco growing.
  4. We are in The Shadow of The Blue Ridge - The Eastern Foothills. The Claiborne House sits at 1200 feet. (VA's highest peak is Mt Rogers at 5729 ft. in the West and lowest is sea level in the East.)
  5. We are located in historic Rocky Mount which is a designated Main Street Community (4000 people) and a small Southern Town, also the county seat for Franklin (50,000 people.)
  6. We are at the start of The Crooked Road: Virginia's Heritage Music Trail (the first kiosk for this special trail is one block behind the Inn.)
  7. We have more weekly wing dings and jam sessions in our community than any other along The Crooked Road. Yes you can hear bluegrass at Dairy Queen with your biscuits and gravy!
  8. Our bed and breakfast has lovely curb appeal as we are two city lots wide. Large shade trees out front. We have Claiborne Ave on the front and High Street which is a small quiet road behind (and historic cemetery.)
  9. We have off-street paved parking directly behind the Inn, just walk through our gate and you will see the Porch steps. We have outdoor lighting around the property. Motorcycles welcome!
  10. We have one dog and one inside cat. Any other cats on the property are free to take home with you. (We mention the cat as we adore her, she is 17 and we do give her cuddles, so if you are allergic be warned. She doesn't go into guest areas though.)
  11. We do not have a curfew, we just ask that you check in on the date you have booked your room. Pretty please.
  12. We have a front door access keypad, we give you the code and you come and go as you please. We just ask you to close the door (I know hard to believe I am asking that but guests leave it "ajar" often - ever hear about the Bear that went into a hospital in the news? Well that bear came down our street.)
  13. We offer complimentary items like chilled sodas, bottled water, tea and snacks.
  14. We have a games cupboard with a ton of games - take them out on the porch or to your room, this is located in the guest parlor. Great for Sister/Friends getaways.
  15. We also offer complimentary WIFI throughout, you can even use your laptop out on the porch.
  16. We have a very large southern porch complete with hanging ferns, white wicker and rocking chairs
  17. We have mockingbirds and other song birds who reside on our property and make early mornings delightful (some guests think they are recorded birds on a cd!)
  18. We do not have a busy road out front, so the front of the house is as quiet as the back
  19. We do have views from the porch and a couple rooms upstairs
  20. No we are not waterfront, we are an historic home in town
  21. Your innkeepers do live on the premises, not in the guest areas (we have our own private quarters)
  22. We have 3 ponds that Tony dug and installed with gold fish and aquatic plants that bloom in season (We hope you enjoy a quiet moment at the ponds.)
  23. We have two very large hickory trees that provide tons of shade by their leafy canopy (aka pecan trees), yes there are squirrels bounding from one tree to the next!
  24. We have one "plastic leaf" southern maple tree, it is in the neighbor's yard and tosses those plastic leaves all over the place year-round.  The birds love it for the seeds it provides, My Mom says the seeds smell like Juicy Fruit gum.
  25. The Wash House Cottage is a small one room cottage we have nicknamed "The Love Shack." It is private and cozy and has its own a/c and heat and private bath. Vaulted exposed beam cedar ceiling and walls. No kitchen. 
  26. We do deliver breakfast, but only to The Sierra Suite and The Wash House Cottage. It is not set up on a table, it is just tray delivered and you can eat in bed in your Jammie's.
  27. All reservations are held by one night deposit via a credit card.  You must give us a credit card to book a room here. Any damages you will be charged.
  28. All reservations have a cancellation policy that the guest agrees to when booking their room with us.
  29. All guests are respected regardless of age, sex, race, political beliefs, religious beliefs, status, and background. We have terrific guests from all walks of life!
  30. All rooms are on the second floor EXCEPT The Wash House Cottage which is a stand alone building. This means ALL rooms require climbing a flight of stairs (You think I am kidding when I say people are surprised to find stairs here?)
  31. Breakfast is cook's choice. This means we will take into account any dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian, gluten free, but the cook is the one who plans the menu. The cook (that's me) always provides a delicious breakfast for everyone! Bon Appetite Ya'll!
  32. Yes you can walk to restaurants. No, this is not a big city here, but a handful of locally owned restaurants nearby. Ex: The Hub which is a family owned diner with three booths and a liars table.  Hema's which is owned by two Egyptian brothers who live here in Rocky Mount (I mention this as they have some dishes with their native spices which our guests enjoy), Tres Amigos (a small family owned Mexican restaurant). etc
  33. The Franklin County Courthouse is just two blocks away, yes and had a famous role in the Moonshine Conspiracy of 1935, and the Franklin County Historical Society with Museum is just 3 blocks away (just past our Franklin Memorial Hospital.)
  34. Yes moonshine is still made in these hills. There is a movie being filmed about our Franklin County called "The Wettest County in the World" by Matt Bondurant.
  35. Yes there is a heavy Virginia accent in our area.  It's a Southuhn thang y'all! 
  36. No we were not raised here, no this house was not handed to us, we have a mortgage and bought this bed and breakfast as a business. We poured our blood, sweat and tears into it to make it a lovely experience for you, our VIP's.
  37. Yes your innkeeper decorated this circa 1895 Queen Anne Victorian.  
  38. Yes we have doilies. For spite and usefulness only, we don't like the bed and breakfast industry being dogged by the media as Granny's house, we are not old, although we are feeling that way sometimes!
  39. Tony does all the outside work (landscaping, gardening, leaf collecting and lawn mowing) and all remodeling, renovating, repair and rejuvenating inside. He does it all, we do not hire anything out.
  40. Shellie does all the marketing, cleaning, cooking, cleaning, website maintenance, cleaning, blogging, cleaning, bookkeeping, cleaning, etc.  She says with a smirk "It keeps me off the street."
  41. No we do not accept dogs, monkeys or snakes (no matter how much you beg!)
  42. Yes, Shellie loves to take photos! See our slideshow of images on our website of the property and surrounds.
  43. No we do not accept little children, only age 14 and older with a well behaved parent. We have only two rooms with a sofa bed for a third person. All our rooms are designed for two adults only. Hey it's a B&B remember!
  44. Our property is NON SMOKING, so please don't blame us when someone lights up right next to the front door as they have been known to do! We will shoo them away to the pond where there is an ashtray and water source. 
  45. We are not responsible for others hygiene, ie heavy perfume, smoky clothes, or yellow teeth. (Just had to get that out there.)
  46. We only have a 2 night minimum stay on race weekends or certain holiday/graduation weekends, and all weekends in October.  Our reservation program will tell you if there is a 2 night min. Or if we have a room pop open for one night - always check the availability calendar on line it is up-to-date 100%.
  47. Yes we take online reservations, you can book online, save $10 and have your confirmation right now, no messing around!
  48. Tony was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia. He spent 10 years in the Royal Australian Navy.  His family lives in New Zealand and Australia,
  49. Shellie was born in San Diego CALF and moved to Oz in 1988 and married Tony. Her family are scattered all over from Ireland, PacNW, to CALF.
  50. Your innkeepers have two daughters who help out at the B&B, especially on the weekends when they can. They work for gratuity and any they receive goes toward Band Camp in the Summer. Both are active in band, Marching Band and Symphonic Band.

Well I hope that is enough of useless weird trivia to feed your need for useless weird trivia.  We look forward to sharing The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast with you.  We stand by our mantra that "We have the greatest guests!"


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