Monday, July 11, 2011

Meet your Innkeepers at The Claiborne House

(Article from 2011 with a few updates) 
"G'day Ya'll!" says Tony your outside innkeeper at The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast, and Shellie your innsider innkeeper says "Welcome!"
Tony & Shellie Innvite you to the Inn!
Now in their 8th year (update 11th year in 2014) of innkeeping at The Claiborne House in Rocky Mount Virginia, they want to take the opportunity to share a bit about themselves and what keeps them busy. They would like to say thank you to all past guests who have made this journey very worth-while! You are the reason we innjoy what we do at The Claiborne House B&B.

Tony was born in New Zealand and lived in Australia (where he served 10 years in the Royal Australian Navy) and met Shellie in 1988. They were married down under and lived in two different suburbs of Sydney for 5 years before moving to the USA. Shellie was born and grew up in San Diego CALF. Moving back the states after Tony left the RAN they decided to build a house smack-dab in the middle of some acreage in Western Washington (Port Orchard).

Got tired of the constant drizzle and grey days of Seattle and decided to move east where they purchased The Claiborne House. It was already an operating B&B, although the focus was primarily on functions and weddings (which they currently do not do, fyi.)  The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast is exactly that - a Bed and Breakfast. They started hosting intimate elopements in the Spring of 2014. The work load is heavy, so the focus is on providing comfortable rooms without the doilies and granny-esque atmosphere many older B&B's have, and making it a fun place to visit!

They want you to come out and celebrate something special! Hike these Blue Ridge Mountains, rent jet ski's at our lake(s), visit some fantastic Virginia wineries, walk to the Harvester for a live show or just kick back on the porch and play yahtzee!

The Claiborne House sites of interest page has more innfo for you, as well as the itinerary page. This blog is chock full of articles on stuff to see and do around here.

Have you ever been to a B&B and the website gave zero innformation about the innkeepers? I may be odd, but I wanna know who I am sleeping with! Without a huge biographical page on our website to bore you, I decided to toss this blog article together. Sometimes guests like to innquire about our background, why we are where we are and what we innjoy doing as innkeepers other than serving guests. We love our guests and are grateful for every one (well maybe there were a few we could have done without "AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!")

Oh yeah about us, in a nutshell: 
We have two one lovely high school aged daughter (a senior in 2014!) in Marching band and both play the violin as well, our oldest is now 20 and living away from home (in 2014). We attend a local church, Tony is a scuba diver and loves NASCAR (now that he is in the heart of NASCAR country with Martinsville Speedway just down the road and says "If you have never been you gotta go!) he is a handyman extraordinaire and has been called the Aussie Bob ViIa and the Rocky Mount Russell Crowe (since there aren't a lot of Aussies around here). 

We love to go to Virginia State Parks on vacation where we rent a cabin and bring our dog Junie (Irish Jack Russell) with us to paddle the rivers, lakes or ocean. Shellie is the photographer of the family and the website/blog/social media guru, she has created and written this blog (at time of this article that is 594 articles (updated on July 2014 "1455" articles) all with photos, links and info for our guests) and a couple other blogs she contributes to as well. 

She is also a Virginia Master Naturalist and created the blog for the BRFAL Chapter, plus is a blogger for VA State Parks

Tony's main job is I.T. Admin for our Franklin County VA, so he is in the backbone side, or as he calls it "the infrastructure" not the pc or internet side (so he asks to "NOT ask him to fix your computer!" innside joke - but everyone assumes he fixes computers, he doesn't work on PC's but networking gear). Update: Tony now works for Interactive Achievement in Roanoke, VA from 2012 to now.

I think that is about it, in a nutshell...more than you ever needed to know right? But guests are always curious and ask us. We have been married 22 years (update 25 years in 2014!)

Anything else you would like to know, we hope to meet you in person and can share our home and our beautiful part of the country with you. There is no place like the Blue Ridge of Virginia! 

"Come on out and let us cook ya breakfast!" -Shellie