Monday, October 10, 2011

Pronunciation Guide to Virginia Place Names

For those wondering how to pronounce Staunton, Galax, Occoquan and more.

This map shows our proximity, I didn't have a local map handy
The Associated Press recently released a guide to the correct pronunciation of significant people and places in Virginia. These pronunciations may be obvious to those Virginia born and raised, but for anyone not originally from the Old Dominion (like myself) it's a useful little list.

Until very recently I was pronouncing Staunton with an "or", Galax with two flat "a"s, and avoiding ever having to say Occoquan if at all possible. If only I'd seen this guide sooner, I could have saved myself several rounds of "actually it's pronounced..."
To see the correct pronunciation of Staunton, Galax, Occoaquan and other places in Virginia spelled out phonetically, scroll down below and take a look. (Note from your innkeeper - Galax is named after a regional plant, pronounced "gay-lax")
Accomac (town) Accomack (county) (ACK'-ah-MACK')
Amissville (AY'-miss-vill)
Aquia Harbor (ah-KWYE'-ah)
Ararat (AYR'-ah-rat)
Basye (BAY'-see)
Botetourt (BAHT'-uh-tott)
Buchanan County (buck-ANN'-un)
Buena Vista (BYOO'-nah VISS'-tah)
See the entire article here in Virginia Living Magazine for more cool names AND how to pronounce them y'all!
                        Or as I like to say "You can call me anything, just don't call me late for breakfast!"


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