Sunday, December 18, 2011

We've been duped!

Look out Mister Redenbacher, this innkeeper has discovered the secret!
Somehow along the way I bought into the microwave popcorn thing. 
Why? Because I love popcorn, it goes back to my really it does! I would go in and heat the oil in the 10,000 lb cast iron pot and shake it til my arms ached, then bring in a big ol' bowl of popcorn for Dad and I while we watched the championship prize fights on TV.  But just today I learned I had been sold a bill of goods.

You can make popcorn in your microwave with nothing more than a brown paper lunch sack and popcorn kernels. Don't believe me? I will prove it, my camera doesn't lie, nor do my kids who are innjoying freshly popped popcorn from the microwave at pennies on the dollar in comparison to the boxed kind. 

For a tasty, fun, healthful snack everyone can innjoy follow the images below:
Put a couple tablespoons of kernals into a brown sack, fold the top over twice
Here it is just a minute in the microwave
The Jig is up!

So in conclusion, not only is this the much more eco-alternative (by eco I will use my inn-mate Kathleen at Gillum House B&B who says "eco" stands for eco-NOMICAL) to the store-bought boxed microwavable popcorn, there are no chemical compounds like perfluorated carboxlyic acids (PFCAs) in the bag.  Add your own sea salt or topping.

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