Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcome to the Porch!

We were contacted by a magazine writer to share information about our membership in Professional Porch Sitters Union, we are The Crooked Road Chapter 1895.
Welcome to the porch!
The porch is a place for young and old, for family and friends
I am not sure what or won't be used in the article, so I thought I would share some of my comments and feedback here on Coffee Talk.  I want to innvite you up on the porch to sit a spell!

Southern porches are iconic, traditional Americana

shoot the breeze (American informal)
to talk in a relaxed way about things that are not important We sat out on the porch until late, just shooting the breeze.

You can go home again
Many of our guests at The Claiborne House go into a recollection mode the moment they step out onto the porch. They tell us of Granny’s big ol’ front porch and what a special place it was. They recall sitting up close to Granny on the porch swing as she snapped beans for Sunday Supper. Our porch is like a warm hug. Young and old are welcome on the porch.

The porch is a reminder of home
Before A/C when the house was hot at the end of the day in the summertime, you would sit out on the porch, south facing as the sun set. Sipping a sweet tea or cold lemonade and resting from the days labor, satisfied. Porch sitting never replaced hard work, it was a reward for it.

Protection in any kind of weather
You can sit on the porch and watch the rain fall or the snow accumulate, or hold a steaming cup of coffee as the sun rises. Porches make us feel safe and secure, we can be outside but out of the elements and still be at home.

Holding court
Sitting on someone’s front porch used to mean something, it was a real treat. It was a family place.  As the importance of family has deteriorated, so has the importance of the porch. Folks used to invite company up on the porch to shoot the breeze, some of the best and most meaningful conversations are when there are pauses. Many of the world’s problems have been solved on a front porch by people just like you and me.

Perhaps the reason we know the term “Southern Hospitality” and its meaning going back generations is that the porch was a social place. It was informal, it was neighborly. People sat outside and waved to each other as they passed the porch. Our guests at times walk around our town of Rocky Mount and people wave to them from the porch, some even ask “How you been? You been doin’ awright?”  Our guests come back to the B&B and tell me “Someone thought they knew me.” I explain to them that this a small southern town, and that is called being friendly. Something most city folks cannot understand.

Slow down…sit a spell.
Turn off the electronic devices, the distractions, and just be. That is what a porch sitting is all about, that is why we joined Professional Porch Sitters. Many of our guests are now official members of The Crooked Road Chapter 1895 of Professional Porch Sitters Union. All they had to do to become members was sit a spell and take in the day from the porch.  We invite you to join us on the porch! 

This is your personal innvitation to join us on the porch! Isn't it time for a Blue Ridge Day Y'all?