Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Cookie Dough Dilemma

The Dilemma: Tony was heading out Route 122 (Booker T Washington Highway) out near Smith Mountain Lake a while ago and I asked him to please stop off at Homestead Creamery and buy whatever ice cream they had advertised on their billboard out front. In essence this meant, the flavor of the month. Whatever it was, I was sure the girls would love it, and it would be a nice treat!
Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast recommends Homestead Creamery
Sit on the porch with a cone of home-churned flavor!
The Result: When he arrived home empty handed, I inquired as to why he did not stop? He told me point blank they did not have any ice cream specials on the sign, so there was no reason to stop. He said the only thing on the sign was cookie dough.
Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast recommends Homestead Creamery
The specials board clearly said Cookie Dough!
DOH! Of course, this is the girls favorite flavor of ice cream, cookie dough ice cream.

Time to Partake: So here for your ice cream pleasure is more about Homestead Creamery. They have an ice cream shop for you to stop in for a double scoop, also a milk truck who delivers their yummy products (apparently the buttermilk is the best ever if you like buttermilk), and also the creamery there that has tours once a week open to the public. The milk is all from local dairy farms here in Franklin County Virginia.

Why it is so dang good:  Homestead Creamery ice cream has a higher cream content therefore creamier than regular ice cream, and that much more flavorful! You will go back in time to the good old days of homemade ice cream when you try Homestead Creamery Ice Cream. There is a small petting zoo out the back, I love to see the calves and lambs and goats!
Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast recommends Homestead Creamery
Pet the animals out the back

Tour the creamery (call for days available)
Here is more info for you: Less than 10 miles from The Claiborne House, it is just 16 minutes drive to Homestead Creamery (click here for a map from here to there) 7254 Booker T Washington Hwy, Wirtz, VA 24184  Phone: (540) 721-2045. CLOSED SUNDAYS FOR DAY OF REST.