Saturday, July 7, 2012

America Rides Maps

There are more great motorcycle rides in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains than anywhere else and they are all within a days ride of half the US population.
Falling Springs near Covington VA - Photo credit Wayne at

I would like to share another super website that you might find really useful, if you ride:
Provides end-to-end coverage of the Blue Ridge Parkway and all the surrounding roads, a comprehensive catalogue of the secret hidden roads surrounding Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and the most detailed explorations of the enchanting roads of north Georgia. 
Continually updated, the focus is on paved two lane mountain back roads devoid of traffic, full of scenery, and how to link them together into thrilling and challenging all-day adventures. Roll out your door and hop from one great ride to the next. "Good Connecting Roads" show ways to bridge gaps to insure you're always on the best ride and making the most of your precious riding time.
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Wayne says: 
"How I Make Your Motorcycle Vacation Trips So Easy? 
I ride the mountains searching out the most scenic and challenging motorcycle rides - I compare them and highlight the best ones on my maps I then seek out the best ways to connect them You relax and enjoy knowing so many great ways to find your dream rides."

The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast has off-street paved parking. We have two rooms with exterior doors/exits (The Love Shack aka The Wash House Cottage and The Sierra Suite). You can park it and toss on the flip flops and walk to restaurants, sit on the porch or near the ponds and just chill after a long ride. The Claiborne House is motorcycle friendly!