Sunday, September 23, 2012

Innkeepers are people too

Being innkeepers makes it near impossible to do the normal things other people do, like go out for dinner to celebrate a special occasion on a weekend. But we do what we can! 

Saturday (yesterday) was Tony's 45th birthday, so today after 3 of the 4 rooms checked out, we went over to our land for a small hike, before new rooms checked in. 
Junie is the original mountain dog, she love love loves run-hiking!
The family has a great time when we get outside!  Virginia is a beautiful place.
From our land you can see the Blue Ridge Parkway in the distance, and Bald Knob (Rocky Mount) in the center. We will build a home here one day.
The family enjoying the sunshine, that is the Franklin County Courthouse in the distance
Being together is the greatest birthday gift you can get!
Then we came back and ate his birthday carrot cake. :)

A perfect 75 degree day made it hard to stay inside and not take in the scenery and fresh  mountain air!