Friday, November 23, 2012

Wild Visitors at The Claiborne House

We used to live in the country, I mean literally smack dab in the middle of the woods, and have never had as much wildlife trying to get innside as we do here in Rocky Mount!
Junie trees a shrew
Since moving here we have had squirrels in the attic, raccoons in the basement, and opossums in the pond! 

Heck a black bear even went into our hospital a couple blocks from us (my sister saw this on the BBC news in Ireland)!  So we trap the critters and set them free, and yes we have everything sealed off but they always find a way in. There is a chipmunk family that moved in under The Wash House Cottage, and birds nesting in the eaves. 

Last night it was to be below freezing temps outside, although majority of our ferns are downstairs in the glass house huddled together for the winter, I had kept one healthy fern out (just because the porch looks so bare now!)  Tony went out to retrieve it and bring it inside and once in the door a bird flew out of it! So we had to capture it and send it back outside. Once we even had a flying squirrel under our family room sofa! How did THAT get in here?

So this morning we sent Junie into the basement, all morning I have heard what sounds like someone rearranging the boxes and bins down there. Tony said he left the basement door open on Saturday while he was working, so something may have wandered in. Something? Could be a deer? Or cat or raccoon?

The Capture
Anyway, last night after we went to bed I had to chuckle and said to Tony, "Never a dull moment in innkeeping..."