Sunday, December 2, 2012

Part 3 of the Intruder at the B&B Series

The Claiborne House B&B is a welcoming place to 2 footed guests, but also  many of the 4 footed variety find us. 
Tony is a maniac about keeping this house and basement sealed up from critters, but they find their way in. Here is Mrs P who was captured this morning as guests were checking out. Sorry I have no photos of the catch, only the release...

As I say "INNKEEPING AIN'T FOR WIMPS" we have many hats to wear, some of them tougher than others.  It doesn't really help that Tony has 3 females in the house to help, ahem, I mean scream. I love watching Turtleman on Animal Planet Channel, so surely Tony can just grab this bull by the horns? I mean, grab the possum by the tail?! Boy, Turtleman sure makes it look easy. Tony sent Sierra to get a glove, and she came back with a finger-less one, which I laughed out-loud  boy that kind of defeated the purpose, and then handed him a leather work glove.  Pulling Mrs Possum down into the bin and quickly covering it was something~! Afterwords Tony flexed his arm and said "LIVE ACTION!" And then went inside the house to change out of the urine-covered clothes. 

Fortunately for this soon-to-be-momma we had a nice new mountain home for her. She appeared close to giving birth, and well, with these girls in the house, I am not sure how we could have given away relocated baby possums, they are kinda cute.

Another day of innkeeping at The Claiborne House. Never a dull moment.