Saturday, December 29, 2012

Road Trip Destination: ‘Lincoln Trail’ in Virginia

You‘ve got to be some kind of serious cinematic curmudgeon to not be swayed by “Lincoln.” Stephen Spielberg has always had his detractors among serious film critics — nobody can be that popular and good, right? And, historians can always probably find a nit or two to pick with the movie. Then, there‘s the folks who still blame ol‘ Honest Abe for that whole “The War of Northern Aggression” thing. 
Haters aside, “Lincoln,” starring Daniel Day-Lewis, is filmmaking of the highest order. It‘s the kind of movie that should be shown in schools. Not for mythologizing a historic figure, but for the opposite — humanizing him, and for depicting the unwieldy sausage-making of legislating against an entrenched opposition that is the heart of American democracy.

The state of Virginia is gamely celebrating the larger-than-life man, and the movie, which was shot entirely within the state. It contains many of the war‘s most important battlefields, already a well-trod path for tourists. “Lincoln” was shot mostly in and around the state capitol (and erstwhile capitol of the Confederacy) Richmond, and key battleground Petersburg. (There are discounts for many of these attractions if the “Travel the Path of ‘Lincoln‘ ” offer is mentioned.)
Read more here with trail information and photos.
Article By Michael Machosky 
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie "Lincoln" and learned quite a bit from it. I hope you will see this movie and visit Virginia. The "Bad Boy of the Confederacy" named so by General Robert E Lee, was from our Rocky Mount Virginia, General Jubal Anderson Early. General Jubal Early was involved in more battles than anyone else in the Civil War. His law office is just a couple blocks from The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast, the owner of the property is allowing private tours if you are interested.  

We also recently visited the birthplace of General Robert E Lee which is on the Northern Neck of Virginia. This state is so full of history, you can't ignore it!