Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cecil Love is the King of Moonshiners

"Hardscrabble lives of the people who settled decades ago in the county's mountains and hollows." 

Cecil Love spent much of his life dodging the revenuers. Since his 2011 arrest, he's opened up about a world being lost to history.

Excerpts from the article by Duncan Adams
"Everybody built in the hollows where they could get water from the springs," Love said. "We lived in the woods. We knew how to survive." Cecil said.

Love said there were about 30 households within a 10-mile radius.

"There's none of them people left — people I hunted squirrels with, swung on grapevines with," he said.  Neighbors helped neighbors, he said, shucking corn, thrashing wheat, hauling in firewood and water.

Emmett Love did a little farming. And he made moonshine with the clear mountain water.  Then came the bust in June 2011. Love said he was trying to make the best moonshine the county had ever produced. He said he prayed prematurely that morning.
"I wish I'd have waited until that afternoon. I would have at least gotten a jar of it," he said...

You won't want to miss the entire article here in the Roanoke Times online.

Legendary Franklin County bootlegger Cecil Love
Cecil Love is mentioned from time to time here at The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast. First of all, I discussed this my sister who lives in Ireland and is following the show Moonshiners there, as well as our discussions on the movie LAWLESS about our Franklin County Illegal Likker History. She found it interesting that Cecil Love was given a sentence of 12 months in jail, but suspended due to good behavior. I told her he is a decorated war veteran, a purple heart

The second occurrence is from our guests! They come back to The Claiborne House in awe, they went to the Thursday morning Bluegrass at the DQ and met Cecil Love. At first they think he is just telling stories...but I confirm "Oh you met Cecil Love, the King of Moonshine" (Actually I only just now called him that here, but I did call him a moonshiner who was arrested at 84 years old).

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