Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

We have rain today, and plenty of it. We have rain turning to ice before my eyes! Have a look (I just took these outside):
See the rain turning to ice as it falls off the roof on the right? Click any image for larger view - then use the back button to return
This is normally NOT frosted glass, but clear glass! 
Everything is beginning to hang low with the weight of the ice, this is the back footpath. 
Rocky Mount is a hilly town, so you can imagine how slick it is out there today. The stop lights all had icicles hanging from them earlier today.
Our little sign on the back gate under the Wisteria

Normally this is where I say:
But today, I will say "Stay off the roads, be safe, and this too shall pass...we will see you soon enough!"

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