Monday, March 4, 2013

By the sweat of your brow

Allow me to share a home-town home-spun article by our Charles Booth of the Franklin News Post. He often talks about the customs of old, and way we were taught to live, to respect, to honor, to work hard...and now here is his latest installment:
By the sweat of your brow

Friday, March 1, 2013

I call it the "cash-in-the-pocket" test.

And it boils down to this question: Would I spend money I had earned digging ditches with a pick and shovel on a particular purchase?

This little test originated when I was considering purchasing a fancy cell phone.

Adjusting for inflation, a "smart" phone these days at full price costs about the same as what a guy paid me for my old 1958 Oldsmobile when I was in college.

And that was a good car, still running okay, the tires had some tread left, upholstery worn but in decent shape, and no major dents in the body (sounds kind of like me at 50).

I just can't fathom, though, that a cell phone, even with all the bells and whistles, can cost as much as a good used car used to.

But it's a different time, and most people don't live the way we did. That is, money was kind of scarce, wages were low and almost any expense had to be planned for.

A weekend trip to the movies was not simply taken for granted. We had to make sure we could set aside enough money for gas, tickets and food, often coming up too short to make the trip.

It was pretty much like that every day, struggling to keep enough cash in your pocket to get by, and "getting by" often meant just keeping the electricity on and having food on the table. 

...Read the rest of the story here, it is worth your time, I guarantee it! 

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