Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Featured Sight of Interest - Moonshine

Franklin County Virginia has earned the title "The Moonshine Capital of the World" from that title and historical events, the movie LAWLESS was made. The book "The Wettest County" by Matt Bondurant was the basis for the movie.
In Franklin County we have an obsession with mason jars. I can't give you actual directions like I do with a Google Map on the other articles in this series, but there are plenty of points of interest around town. There is a mock still at our Franklin County Historical Society and Museum three blocks away. *Disclaimer - this innformation is provided for your travel planning, please call or visit the website for hours of operation.

Learn more about this mountain heritage here on "Biscuits and Bluegrass" where there is a section devoted to illegal likker in Franklin County, Virginia.

This is another in the series "100 Things to See and Do within 100 Miles" of The Claiborne House.

From The Claiborne House to the Franklin County Historical Museum (just past the hospital on the right) - the website and google maps are wrong, trust me they have been there for a few years now: