Monday, March 18, 2013

Inspiration while driving through the country

I was able to escape the inn for a few days R&R in central Virginia. One of the things I always enjoy when I am in a different neck of the woods are the local radio stations. As we drove home on Sunday, we switched on the FM and found some amazing local stations and we had church! I listened as the singers poured out their hearts to God over the airwaves. I was reminded that a mother's prayer can accomplish much with the Lord's help.

I also found inspiration in these Canadian Honkers as they took off in front of our cabin at Twin Lakes State Park. God's beautiful design inspires me.

I wanted to share this as encouragement today, the news and most media is full of rubbish and is downright depressing! Everyone has hard times, there is no escaping them. It is how we react and deal with them that matters. In Virginia you will see many churches when you take a road trip through the countryside. People are very real here, and I appreciate that. A Virginian, Dr Ralph Stanley shares why a Mother's Prayer is more precious than silver...