Saturday, March 30, 2013

This is something you may not know!

FWIW, I am pleased to share that a group I started on linkedin called "B&B Bloggers" now has 1,666 members! 
Yes, this may be typical some mornings at our breakfast table!
We have innkeepers from all over the world in this group, sharing social media marketing! It is fun, really fun to get people on-board and to share their neck-of-the-woods with the rest of the world online!
Not only is it a place to share experiences in this industry, but to improve our inns and ourselves 

Innkeepers are a strange bunch, as you have heard me mention my "Innkeeper A.D.D." which really helps me do ten things at once, with one arm tied behind my back. (Okay that is an exaggeration, but you get my drift).

We have an amazing opportunity owning an inn today, technology abounds at every turn. Gone are the days of word of mouth (only) marketing, guide books (which cost an arm and a leg to be in, that perhaps few would ever see!) and print material. Now it is all online baby... guests are always shocked when I say that, I am not sure why.

We now have this thing called THE INTERNET. We can share photos of our rooms, our breakfasts, our gardens, our mountains, beaches, events, and even our personality with people all over the world and innvite them over for a cup of coffee!

A website is the storefront to a business

We need to make it so people will come on in and browse around! Now all the extra special goodies (I personally believe) can be found in the blog, on Facebook and other social media. Many innkeepers are on all of them: Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, and a few more (lesser known).

All we ask is that you 


and better yet

"LOVE US!" and we will cook you a mighty fine breakfast and even do the dishes!