Thursday, March 28, 2013

"What is your soup of the day?"

Dad always asked when we ate out. Do you remember the Soup of the Day? If you are over 40 you probably do! Of course Dad preferred the soup of the day, while we girls always got a salad. But together we reached into the long basket of crackers that the waitress brought to the table to pick our choice.
Shellie's homemade clam chowder using a Pismo clam shell
One thing you could always count on, Dad never asked "What is your soup of the day?" on a Friday. Standard drill was clam chowder, always. Just like Fish Stick Friday in every school cafeteria across America. If you grew up back then, you will know why.

I wonder what today's generation will recall to their kids and grand kids as we are recalling the soup of the day? Now don't get me wrong, there are plenty of places who still serve soup, but it went without saying that there was a "homemade" soup of the day, whenever you ate out. Heck we even knew the schedule for menudo in the Mexican Restaurants!

Did you have a favorite soup of the day? 
Did you cringe when they replied with "Navy bean" or "Split pea?" As a kid I did, but I always ordered a salad, so it wasn't a big deal. But in my heart of hearts I was always hoping the waitress would say "Homemade chicken noodle" and jackpot, I was in!

Then came the popularity of the Soup and Salad restaurants, we had our favorites growing up like Souplantation, and even in Seattle there was a great one, of course they added giant muffins, a pasta bar and more to get us in their door!

Now as a family we enjoy the soup, salad and breadsticks lunch or dinner at Olive Garden. (But we always begin with a calamari appetizer). Do you have any family traditions in this area? Mom on occasion had a soup, salad and grilled cheese night! That was something we all could get into! I do the same here with my family every few months when I get a hankering for a nice homemade soup. Of course in Australia they are called toasted cheese sandwiches.
Last June, for Father's Day we had clam chowder for Dad and Tony

Here are Mom and Tony digging in

Oyster crackers, a loaf of grainy bread with real butter and iced tea
Your innkeeper at The Claiborne House B&B likes to share quirky stories and odds and ends, as innkeepers are real people too. We hope to see you here at The Claiborne House B&B soon. Although I am not serving dinner to guests, I will fix you an awesome breakfast!
Homemade chicken noodle soup from Sidewinders Steakhouse and Saloon in downtown Roanoke