Friday, September 6, 2013

Bookmobile or Bust! UPDATE

I don't often discuss charities, churches or organizations on The Claiborne House Coffee Talk Blog, but today I wanted to share something I feel strongly about, and you may too: "BOOKS"

Growing up in a large city, I never even heard of a bookmobile. It was not until I moved to Virginia that I learned of them in a book by bestselling author Adriana Trigiani based in Southwest Virginia called "Big Stone Gap." Many of the scenes in this story take place in the bookmobile that traverses the winding mountains roads in coal country Virginia.

From there, the new Franklin County library opened here in downtown Rocky Mount, we can see it from our porch. It is a beautiful place, if you are like me, and love books, you love libraries as well. Parked out back was the big grey monster of a book mobile (see our bookmobile schedule here). Franklin County is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge all the way up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. We are a mountainous country. So the bookmobile would go to those who cannot make it to Rocky Mount for a library visit, such as the Elderly, the young, the homebound, etc. And also stop at local schools where the kids would flood the book mobile like it was a candy store! We have recently purchased a brand spankin' new beautiful book mobile here in Franklin County. It makes me smile every time I see it on the road!
"Kids would flood the bookmobile like it was a candy store!" -Shellie your Innkeeper
I recently saw the Blue Ridge Regional Library has a page devoted to their faithful old book mobile for Patrick County. Allow me to copy what they shared:

Bookmobile Fund

The Bookmobile Fund was started in August 2005 from donations given in memory of bookmobile patron Glenn Bryant. The current vehicle has been in service since September 1998 and there were no funds set aside to refurbish it or to purchase a new Bookmobile. This fund was established as an effort to keep Bookmobile service available uninterrupted in Patrick County. Our hope is that enough money will be donated to pay for any major repairs the current vehicle may need to keep running and in the long term to eventually purchase a new Bookmobile for Patrick County. A new vehicle would cost more than $150,000 at today's prices.

A Bookmobile has been in service in Patrick County for over 50 years. This is a large county with only one Library to serve the many communities. The Bookmobile currently visits areas of the county that are 15, 20 or more miles from the Library. The Bookmobile also makes regular stops at 4 of the area schools for the students and teachers. During the school year the Bookmobile has an average patron count of over 1000 visitors a month.

The Patrick County Bookmobile is a much needed service. Senior citizens, schools, Headstart, parents and homeschoolers all use the bookmobile regularly. Many of these people only use the bookmobile and are not able to get to the Library.

We hope that you will consider giving to the fund. Please think about this fund as part of a bequest. Also any ideas you may have to raise money for this cause would be greatly appreciated.

If you are making a donation you can send a check or money order made out to:

THE BOOKMOBILE FUND-Patrick County Library
and addressed to:


P.O. BOX 787

The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast will donate $5 for every room rented this summer to the BookMobile Fund, this is the neighborly thing to do. (Update - Summer is June 22, 2013 - Sept 22, 2013)

We love Patrick County, from their historic covered bridges. Mabry Mill, Rock Churches, Rock Castle Gorge Hikes along the Blue Ridge Parkway to hunting fairy stones!

UPDATE: Thank you to our guests who have made it possible for us to send a check today to the Patrick County Bookmobile. Whether you realized it or, you are doing something noble. The guests who read books while staying with us are also furthering this great cause!