Sunday, August 25, 2013

Be warned, these are not glamour shots!

A day at the inn looks like this (there's nothing glamorous about it really):

         Prep - Cook - Serve
                    and delivered to the Love Shack
                             clean up
  • Check out guests (some who were pretty dang awesome people I might add!)
  • Strip rooms
  • Start laundry
  • Shellie - vacuum, dishes, laundry, and more
  • Tony - work on front picket fence after another trip to Lowe's
  • Daughter - make sandwiches in the new panini iron, help Dad with cutting and hauling pickets
  • Other Daughter - work on carrying up all clean linens and begin cleaning guest rooms
  • Junie - run around with tongue hanging out and big cheeky grin
  • Maybelle - scream-meow to play, then have a nap

...and the rest is gravy as they say...and this after a houseful for the weekend and continual all week+, one early check out and going to church to Praise the Lord...

She goes to school tomorrow, marching band practice daily, homework; Sierra goes to class, studies, and helps at the inn; Tony goes to work his regular full time job; and Shellie keeps on marketing and working here at The Claiborne House B&B of Virginia. 

A day in the life of an innkeeper...we hope to meet you soon! View our rooms here, and our location here.