Thursday, September 5, 2013

Consider photography, and please share

We have had an increasing number of guests here with amazing digital SLR cameras. It is always such an encouragement to me, as a photographer to see these folks out in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia!
If you ever get that kodak moment and feel like sharing it with us, we would be more than happy to post it on The Claiborne House B&B Coffee Talk blog.

Speaking of kodak moments, will you allow me to share the one that got away?

I was sitting at a light, to my left was a large gas station, and at one pump was an Old Order of German Baptist fella pumping gas into his red minivan. The old order of German Baptist may appear Amish in dress, as they have a strict regiment in how they appear in "plain dress" from the black suit, hat and long beard (if they are married). He had his legs skewiffed, in a pose as he held the handle to the gas pump. It was really something that caught my eye.
The German Baptists in this area are fine people, working the land and raising their families in a Biblical manner. Did you know that Daniel Boone was a German Baptist? We have many relations to Daniel Boone here in Franklin County VA.