Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How sweet it is!

We thoroughly enjoyed our guests here at The Claiborne House B&B from Billericay Essex, England

When they left, they told us they had never experienced such wonderful hospitality. It was like leaving friends...yes, Moonshiner, ATF Agent, Newspaper Man, ABC Agent, a Genuine Mountain Girl and more! It really touched my heart. Every once in a while someone stays with us at The Claiborne House who really gets to experience the heritage and culture of Franklin County, and they go away truly moved by it.
I am so thankful for all of those who went out of their way for Gary and Lin to feel so welcomed and at home. 

Miss Barbara Chauncey said it was a very special moment when they went into St Peters-in-the-Mountains, which is a simple rock church. No fancy stained glass or ornate alter decorations. Just a simple building dedicated to worshiping God.  If you do not have the opportunity to take the Mountain Life Tour with personal tour guide volunteer Barbara Chauncey, I recommend a visit to Callaway to see the hills and hollers, and St Peters-in-the-Mountains.  
The Phoebe Needles Center across from it was a school for mountain children. Now it is used as a retreat center, summer camp for youth, and center for lifelong learning. 

There is a small cabin next door (see photo below) which was the birthplace, and home place of a notorious character (you would learn about in the movie LAWLESS, or read about in Matt Bondurant's book "Wettest County in the World" about our Franklin County Moonshine Conspiracy Trial
Morris Stephenson the newspaper man who reports here in his weekly column that he was able to bring his wife Hazel home after 43 days in rehab from a stroke, was amazing. This was the day before and after that he went totally out of his way to greet our guests and spend time with them and share a little bit of our culture with them!  He wrote more about our Brits Gary and Lin in his column.  Cecil Love was introducing him as "Meet my friends from England" at Dairy Queen. Thank you Morris, you are a rockstar~Thank you everyone who met and shared a little bit of themselves with our guests.