Friday, November 29, 2013

A rinky dink project is in the works!

We are nearly into our 11th year here as the owners-innkeepers of The Claiborne House B&B. As you may or may not know, innside innkeeper Shellie (that's me) is about to go on a fabulous voyage! 

A road trip with some "innmates" we have donned the "Innspiring Road Trip". I mentioned to Tony that project we have ALWAYS had on the back of our minds since moving in here. That project that takes second seat to the guest area projects...our bathroom.

We have ordered the 6' tub, and Tony is eager to get started. He said "I can just start pulling the tile down today..." so as soon as the guests left for the day he was in popping the tiles off one by one. So, per the norm, here are some photos to share. Our guests always love the behind the scenes photos, so these photos are for you!

Background: The jacuzzi tub we have in here is huge, it is cumbersome, it takes up valuable real estate. It also requires MORE than one hot water tank full to even reach the jets! In other words, besides being ugly it is obsolete. The shower stall is too small and we know it is leaking. So to replace anything we need to replace everything...typical. We would expect nothing to be easy. Notice this was an exterior wall!

So when I leave for the midwest Tony NOW (The outside innkeeper who is innside working on projects when the weather turns cold) will is be yanking out the shower and tub. He is not changing the footprint, just updating the leaking shower stall and replacing the tub.

I LOVE RINKY DINK PROJECTS! (Tony said that it isn't a rinky dink)