Monday, January 13, 2014

Don't Dabble!

There is a social media marketer I really enjoy online named Jim Connolly. 
The funny part about following and agreeing with everything Jim Connolly says on Jim's Marketing Blog is that he is in Britain. Yes, in Britain where the majority of Bed and Breakfasts have very small, content lacking websites and their social media effort is focused on sharing third party things online (Facebook, for example) and no real or original content. They have JIM right there!

So Jim Connolly is a rock star in the social media marketing world! Really and truly, unfortunately, those who really need his advice the most are not apt to seek it out. So for that, I am sharing it here!

Remember the saying "A little dab will do ya?" 
The Look the ladies love!
Excitingly clean disturbingly healthy!
So Masculine...

How to kill your business! 

A key factor in every failing business I have ever studied, is that the business owner dabbles.

Rather than get the professional help they need, they decide to crush their chances of success, by dabbling with their marketing. the rest of this article here from Jim Connolly.

So why is Shellie (aka InnkeeperVA) sharing this with you? Well if there is one thing we do here at The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast is go beyond dabbling. If you have followed our funky blog over the past 10 years, with hundreds of articles (1307 to be exact), thousands of photos you will see we bang our own drum! We know that this part of the world is beyond amazing. Anyone can go to Disneyland and see the same exact thing, it doesn't matter who you are! It is all pre-set, pre-planned and you are just a number who pays for a ticket and warms a place in line. 

But come to these Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and you will meet real people, hear real music and be off the beaten track and experience adventures in real America!

The above photo really has nothing to do with this article, well wait, yes it does! The little girl (our youngest daughter) in the photo turned 17 this past Friday! Looking back on some of her antics around The Claiborne House B&B brought me to the day when Tony was building the ponds and she was out hunting butterflies. She figured they would not just flutter right up to her on her bike, so she devised this scheme of affixing fragrant mountain Lilac blooms from our yard to her bike helmet. 

That is what this article is about...dabbling won't do it. Sorry Brylcreem. For a bed and breakfast or small business owner, opening our doors and expecting business to pour in is not enough, we have to go where they are, stick lilacs on our heads and ride by...maybe THAT will get their attention! Dabbling here and there and not really pursuing it just won't work. As waiting for butterflies to come to you won't work...

Don't dabble, go for it!