Monday, March 31, 2014

It's the weather stupid!

Our year has been a bust to this point. We have literally had 74 degrees then a snow storm the next day, every week since January! Thankfully, this weekend was NASCAR at Martinsville. NASCAR weekends are some of my favorite weekends, guest-wise. We have the greatest guests! 

This is really what I put up online while watching the race here, the phone rings and weirder yet people come to the door in the last 5 laps! 
Why are they the greatest?
While I love our special occasion guests, those here for events, to hike, paddle, fish, wineries, history buffs, sight-see etc, our NASCAR guests all have a common denominator! Now while it may not always be Jr, it is still the race! The adrenaline inducing roar of the engines that is NASCAR.

NASCAR fans are loyal
If you are into NASCAR then you already know you are part of a family. This is how we feel on these weekends. Our guests feel like family, and that makes this a special place.

This particular weekend was hard on this innkeeper
A little background is that I have two sisters, one in Seattle area, one in Ireland, and me in Virginia. Mom and Dad are currently in Southern California. Dad was rushed to the ER with heart trouble and then ambulanced from El Centro to La Jolla UCSD medical center for surgery. This means out of three siblings, none of us could be there for Mom, or Dad.

As I type this, however, I report he is doing great! They immediately knew what was wrong, and did their thang! Thank you LORD.

This is the part of innkeeping that is difficult, as we cannot pass on our sadness, our stress and worry to our guests, we want them to enjoy every minute here! But at times, we have to put on "our game faces."

In other news
The weather has stunk this year, and today as the guests are leaving it is supposed to be in the 70's and in the 80's on Tuesday. I just don't think that is very fair! They sat in the stands yesterday in a frigid wind watching Jimmy Johnson nearly win...yes I said nearly, congratulations to Kurt Busch! (Background: Jimmy Johnson is notorious for winning at Martinsville Speedway, so much so that I sometimes proclaim "That's it! I am not watching this race again!" But of course, I do) Back to that loyalty thing, they are not fair-weather fans. They will be in the stands in the cold to see a race and cheer on their driver and team!

One couple said it was their 19th year going to NASCAR in Martinsville! Here is an article "Why Older Tracks like Martinsville Speedway are True NASCAR Treasures." Explaining why this track is not just special to NASCAR Fans but to our country in general!

"The .526-mile paper clip-shaped flat short track in southern Virginia is something that young people just don't understand. While they may think it's just an old bullring, it's so much more than that."
The Stewart's celebrated a special occasion and NASCAR (they came from Ohio to see this race at The Martinsville Speedway)
Spring is a wonderful time of the year
Once it officially gets here and things start blooming. I see our Asian Magnolia has donned its first blooms and our weeping elm is starting to bud! Give it another week or so and we will have green fuzz all over everything and people taking allegra! Then we get to mow mow mow and get this place back in shape. 

We hope to see you soon at The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast!  Thank you to all of those who continue to support small family owned businesses. It means the world to us!